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About us

Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia was founded in 2006 in Vukovar, Croatia. Upon its founding, the primary goal was improving the position of victims and witnesses in the trials, as the victims and witnesses often lacked information regarding both their rights, and the role they will have during the trial.

Based on information, victims and witnesses expressed that, as a result of the lack of information, they experience their participation in the trial as both dangerous and isolating. Having no knowledge of what to expect or having wrong assumptions about the way trials work may further cause fear and anxiety, making it harder for victims and witnesses to participate.

The purpose of Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia is:

  • Informing victims and witnesses of the rights they are entitled to and the ways those rights may be obtained and used in order to make the participation in the trial an easier and safer experience;
  • Advocating for the improvement of the legislative and institutional practices regarding victims and witnesses in Croatia.

Victim and Witness Support Service works through five offices at four different locations – National Call Center for Victims of Crime in Zagreb, offices in Varaždin, Osijek and Vukovar and theCounseling Center for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Varaždin.

Our vision

A comprehensive support system available to every victim or witness in Croatia.

Our mission

To help decrease the feelings of discomfort a victim or witness may feel when participating in the trial and to improve legal, economic and social positions of victims and witnesses in Croatia.

Our values


Equality in receiving support, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, political views, financial status, education level, social position and different physical and psychological  difficulties one might experience.

Human rights, constitutional rights and trial rights

Respecting all human and constitutional rights of Croatian citizens and providing information about the rights victims and witnesses have as participants in trial.


Respecting the integrity and dignity of each and every individual, we dismiss all violence and commit to promoting the culture of nonviolence in our activities.

Solidarity and understanding

We stand in solidarity with victims and witnesses as we try to understand the toll the trial process  may  take on their psychological well-being. We aspire to provide support that meets/complies with specific needs of each person that seeks support.

Promoting volunteer work on local, regional and national level

Promoting the culture of volunteerism on all levels while recognizing volunteer work as an integral part of the comprehensive and effective support we provide to victims and witnesses.


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