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During 2013. the program of Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia Reference Centers was established. The program is implemented not only in Vukovar, but also in Osijek. The purpose of the program is to provide continuous, comprehensive and easily accessible support to all persons in need, not only those who are already in criminal proceedings and therefore face various difficulties, but also to support those who have not reported a crime due to fear, discomfort, insecurity or distrust of the judiciary. The program primarily provides social services: emotional and psychosocial support, informing victims about their rights and providing various practical advice, information that can help solve problems and/or exercise rights. Since 2015, the Victim and Witness Support Service has become an authorized provider of primary legal aid, so the structure of beneficiaries has changed. In addition to victims and witnesses of crimeand misdemeanors, other persons in need also apply, who need legal advice, general information, assistance in drafting submissions to public law bodies.

Upon the user’s arrival at the Reference Center, the staff of the Center conducts an interview with the victim/user and a problem or problems are detected. Depending on the problem and needs of the victim/user, the employees of the Reference Center respond to the inquiry or direct them to institutions and organizations that can help them more in exercising their rights. In general, people who seek help in addition to legal aid can also receive emotional support.


The aim of establishing the Reference Center in Osijek is to provide comprehensive support to victims and witnesses, but also to citizens in the Osječko-baranjska county, which means:

Area of ​​activity

Reference Center  Osijek operates in the Osječko-baranjska county.

Review of previous work

The most common user inquiries regarding free legal aid refer to:

The most common crimes for which victims approached us are:

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