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Volunteering in Osijek

The aim of establishing the Reference Center in Osijek is to provide comprehensive support to victims and witnesses, but also to citizens in the area of Osiječko-baranjska County, which means:

Upon the user’s arrival at the Reference Center, the staff of the center conducts an interview with the victim/user and a problem or problems are detected. Depending on the problem and needs of the victim/user, the employees of the Reference Center respond to the inquiry and/or direct them to institutions and organizations that can help them more in exercising their rights. In general, people who seek help in addition to legal aid can also receive emotional support.


The Reference Center in Osijek implements and nurtures a volunteer program within its scope. Recruitment of volunteers takes place twice a year, in February and in September. The call for volunteering is disseminated through social networks, the Volunteer Center, the faculty website, the websites and the Victim and Witness Support Service’s associates.

Recruitment consists of:


The call for volunteering is published on social networks, local portals and media, student associations, volunteer centers and usually lasts from 15 to 30 days depending on the number of registered volunteers. After recruitment we move to the second phase, to the selection process.


The selection of applied candidates for volunteering takes place in a way that after the closing of all applications, the applied candidates are informed about the dates of the structured interviews.The interview is conducted by the head of the Office together with the executive director. During the interview, they   write on a special form their impressions of candidates. After completing the structured interview, a list is compiled and the candidates for volunteering are evaluated, and they are informed if they have been selected.


Education is the last process after the candidates for volunteers are selected. All selected candidates are informed about the time and place of the training in a timely manner. The training lasts two days and consists of a legal and practical part and communication skills. After the education individual volunteering dates are agreed with the volunteers. After each completed volunteering, volunteer hours are noted.Upon the first arrival, a volunteering contract is signed with the volunteers.  After each volunteering, the work of the volunteers in performing the volunteer activity is evaluated.


Volunteers, in agreement with the head of the Reference Center, agree on the place and time of volunteering and choose a volunteer position. If they are lawyers by profession, then they are offered the opportunity to provide free legal aid with the mentorship of the head of the Office. Depending on the selected volunteer activity, they perform preparatory actions in the sense that they seek solutions for the case of the beneficiary, whether it is a free legal aid or a victim of a criminal or misdemeanor, through regulations and offer a solution to the mentor. Volunteers send solved exercises at a given time, which they individually explain upon their personal agreed arrival. Volunteers keep notes on volunteering activities in a special notebook that they fill out at the end of volunteering, which remains in the Center. In working with users, they use learned techniques of active listening and direct the user towards solving problems. Volunteers also participate in organizing events such as round tables, conferences.


Rights of volunteers of the Osijek Reference Center are:

Obligations of volunteers of the Reference Center Osijek are:

For more information about volunteering opportunities, you can contact us by e-mail: .

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