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Volunteering in Varaždin

A volunteer program is being implemented in the Office Varaždin. The volunteer program was established with the aim of including individuals in the volunteer world through which support is provided to victims and witnesses of criminal offenses and misdemeanors in the Varaždin and Međimurje counties. During volunteering, volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about the legal framework which is available to victims and witnesses and to get acquainted with the work of civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia. Volunteering takes place in the premises of the Office, and if necessary in other locations by prior arrangement with the head of the Office.

The goal of volunteering is to provide assistance and support to victims and witnesses of crimes in Varaždin and Međimurje counties. The target groups of people assisted by volunteering are victims and witnesses, as well as victims of all criminal offenses and misdemeanors with an emphasis on domestic violence.


The process of recruiting volunteers begins with the publication of a public call for volunteering through local volunteer centers (Varaždin, Čakovec), but also on the pages of the Croatian Employment Service, local media, local civil society organizations and social networks. Upon completion of the call, the applies candidates are invited to a selection interview. Volunteers are recruited twice a year. The competition for the admission of new volunteers opens at the end of February and the beginning of October. In order for a person to apply for the competition, it is necessary to fill in the application form. After fulfiling the application forms, the candidates for volunteering are invited to a selection interview where they get acquainted with the work of the Office. Selection interviews are conducted before the prescribed commission (consisting of representatives of the Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia). Candidates are expected to be motivated and interested in the work of Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia and volunteering. The selection interview is conducted by asking questions and answering them, which relate to general knowledge about the Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia, motivation to work, choosing a volunteer position, the attitudes of candidates about socio-political events and values. Volunteers, lawyers or law students with passed criminal law subjects or civil law and administrative subjects, as well as psychologists or psychology students with a final diploma thesis, are additionally examined for further motivation of working with our users.

Persons selected after the selection interview are invited for training. Basic education consists of a legal and communication part so that volunteers can acquire the necessary knowledge that they will need to use during volunteering.

During volunteering, Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia provides support to the volunteer in mentoring during volunteering ,and due to possible difficulties during the volunteering provides emotional and psychological support and supervision.


Volunteer rights:

Obligations of volunteers:

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