Safe way out

Volunteering in Vukovar

The aim of establishing the Reference Center in Vukovar is to provide comprehensive support to victims and witnesses, but also to citizens in the area of Vukovarsko-srijemska County, which means:

Upon the user’s arrival at the Reference Center, the staff of the center conducts an interview with the victim/user and a problem or problems are detected. Depending on the problem and needs of the victim/user, the employees of the Reference Center respond to the inquiry and/or direct them to institutions and organizations that can help them more in exercising their rights. In general, people who seek help in addition to legal aid can also receive emotional support.


The Reference Center in Vukovar implements and nurtures a volunteer program within its scope. Recruitment of volunteers takes place twice a year, in February and in September. The call for volunteering is disseminated through social networks, the Volunteer Center, the faculty website, the websites and the Victim and Witness Support Service’s associates.

Recruitment consists of:

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