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Volunteering is an independently selected activity through which volunteers make their knowledge and skills, as well as their time, available to a goal from which larger groups of people or even the whole society benefits. Volunteers do doubly good with their voluntary and unpaid work – through volunteering they help selected groups or help them achieve goals that are personally important to them. In addition, volunteers are given the opportunity to develop and strengthen their own skills and knowledge, which makes them more competent citizens, but also experts in the field they choose to deal with, whatever it may be.

How important is volunteering these days?

Having in mind how hard it is to find a job nowadays, especially due to lack of experience, volunteering helps young people in finding job by providing them the right to Certificate on competencies gained through volunteering, which is acknowledged as working experience. Apart from this, volunteering is extremely beneficial for young people since it helps in developing their working habits, provides them insight in how organizations function, and how to apply formal knowledge in everyday situations, and also provides many opportunities for acquiring new acquaintances, skills and knowledge. One of the main characteristics of volunteering is in the name itself – it is based on person’s voluntary will, which means those people are highly motivated to work which they do not perceive as an obligation, but rather as an addition to their education, an opportunity to actively contribute to their community, and to gain an immense inner satisfaction. Our volunteers are mostly students, but also employed people who want to spend some of their free time in a useful way.

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