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  1. Introduction

The publisher of the website / is at Ljudevita Gaja 12, 32000 Vukovar, registered in (OIB): 79097411036 (hereinafter: “Publisher”, “we”, “us”, “our”), also Manager data processing. is a website through which the Publisher provides information about the products and services offered by the Publisher. The user of the website https://p z / or in general the service of the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses is a legal or physical person who in any way, both directly and indirectly, uses, or has used, accesses or has accessed website or used the services (hereinafter: “User”). The website includes all websites and their parts located within the domain

  1. In general

This Privacy Policy prescribes the conditions and rules related to the practice of dealing with the User’s personal data and explains the methods of collecting, processing and protecting personal data. The Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses knows how important privacy and protection of personal data is to our users, and that is why we want to be clear about how we collect, use and store personal data. These Privacy Policy apply to any website under the domain owned by the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses or any access to services via the Internet, regardless of whether users use a computer, mobile phone to access , tablet or other smart device. By using these Internet pages, Users declare that they agree with the conditions and rules presented here and agree to use the Internet page /  and other services via the Internet in accordance with them. The right to use these Internet pages and services is the User’s personal right and cannot be transferred in any way to other natural or legal persons. The user is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of passwords, in places where they exist as such. The user is aware of the fact that sometimes there are technical problems during the operation of the Internet, which can lead to service interruptions or other events that are beyond the control of the Publisher, and for which reason the Publisher is not responsible for any data loss that may occur during the transfer of information on the Internet or any other event that may occur during the provision of services by the Publisher. The creation of the website is a service that is responsible for this website, which was created according to the instructions and wishes of the Association for the Support of Victims and Witnesses.

  1. Changing the Privacy Policy

The Publisher reserves the right at any time to change or terminate any segment of the business, including, without limitation, availability time, content, as well as the equipment required to access or use the Internet pages. Likewise, the Publisher may stop sending information or part of information, may change or terminate any method of data transmission, and may change data transmission speeds, as well as any of their other characteristics. The Publisher reserves the right at any time, and without prior notice, if it deems it necessary, to terminate or modify any of the Privacy Policy set forth herein. If there is a change in the Privacy Policy, and the User continues to use our services or the website, it is considered that he accepts the Privacy Policy in its modified form. Any possible modification or deletion of the Privacy Policy is valid for third parties immediately upon publication on the website Any use of the respective Internet pages, apart from familiarization with changes to the Privacy Policy, by the User after such changes will be considered as acceptance of those changes. We encourage each User to carefully read the Privacy Policy, as well as any additional rules, to find out how their personal data is handled each time they use our services or the website It is essential that the User follows all updates to this Privacy Policy and other rules for using the website and services. Although we are not obliged, we may notify Users of individual changes to these Privacy Policy by public announcement or by sending an electronic mail. The latest version of this Privacy Policy will always be available here, and the User can check the change date to know when it was last updated.

  1. How do we collect data?

We collect the User’s personal data when the User sends them to us or allows their use. For example, via the form on the website , via e-mail, telephone, mail or in writing or via social networks through which the User can contact us. In exceptional cases and when the Law allows it, we can also obtain the User’s data from other sources.

  1. What data do we collect?

In order to respond to the User’s specific inquiries, personalize the content for the User, adjust advertising messages in accordance with the User’s interests or behavior, and generally improve the user experience, we collect the following data: Data that the User directly provides us, and we collect it through forms on the website https:// / , via e-mail, social networks or by phone.

  • Name and surname
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • User’s message or inquiry (may include information on past or current health status and information on performed treatments)
  • X-ray or other image from the User

Data on how the User uses the website, which includes data on the devices and systems the User accesses the website, such as device type, type of operating system, internet browser, IP address, pixels and other data related to the systems the User uses access the website. Statistical data records that monitor the User’s behavior on the website through cookies , and include data on the time spent on the website, diagnostic and analytical data, data on the progress and steps taken by the User on the website. Also, they include information and data about the User’s activity and interaction with the website, which we use to better understand the User’s needs or possible problems, and to improve the User’s experience on the website. Read more about how we use data stored in cookies here. Data on the use of electronic mail, which includes the opening time of the response sent by e-mail, the number of opens and the number of clicks on the response sent by e-mail. Data obtained from a third party, which includes data from the User and from other publicly available sources permitted by law, for example from social networks, and we can combine them with other data that we receive from the User. Other data that we may collect about the User, about his use of the website or his use of our services, the type and method of collection of which we will explain at the place where they are collected and process them with the consent of the User. The user can refuse to provide certain personal data, but this may have an impact on the possibility of using certain services. The User is obliged to transfer certain data, and the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses, as the data controller, is obliged to process them in accordance with the Health Care Act.

  1. How do we use data?

Personal data collected from the User can be used for the following purposes:

  • In connection with the use of our services, that is, the ability to respond to specific inquiries of the User.
  • For contacting regarding therapeutic procedures, which may include data processing for the purpose of creating a therapy plan or offer.
  • In order to improve the general user experience on the website, to understand the wishes and needs of the User and to improve our services.
  • Providing more relevant advertising, i.e. delivering ads that are in line with the User’s interests or are based on the User’s behavior and activities on the website.
  • To send promotional notifications via electronic mail, such as notifications about special offers, patient benefits, promotions, discounts and educational materials.
  • For analytical and statistical processing to better understand how Users use our services and website.
  • For market and client research and analysis in order to better understand market needs and learn more about our clients and be able to offer them the most relevant communication and overall better service.
  • For the purpose of sharing personal data with our contractual data processors, such as our IT and infrastructure partners, marketing partners, bookkeeping service or accommodation organization partners.
  • For processing that is necessary according to the Health Care Act and other laws that oblige us to do so.
  • For the purpose of sharing personal data with our contractual data processors, such as our IT and infrastructure partners, marketing partners, bookkeeping service or accommodation organization partners.

For the purpose of processing the User’s personal data, we use applications/platforms that are our contractual data executors and with which we have an Agreement on the use and protection of personal data: Facebook – Application through which we introduce ourselves and advertise to our existing and potential users. If we want to reach our existing users, it is possible to insert the database of personal data of existing users (those who have given their consent) into the application, which then displays ads only to those users, as well as retargeting to certain groups of users whose activities on the website are collected via the Facebook pixel embedded in the code of the website G Suite – The platform that serves us for the entire set of Google business applications. We use business applications to store business documents that may also contain the User’s personal data, email communication with partners and potential and existing users of our services.


  1. How do we store data?

We store User data on our own servers located in Croatia and on servers of cloud service providers located in the EU and the USA. We store and process only those data from those users who have given their personal consent for their processing and for purposes that do not go beyond the purposes stated in these Privacy Rules. In the case of exceptional data storage and processing, which is not covered by these Privacy Rules, the User will be informed beforehand. Privacy protection of personal data is permanent, and we take all measures to protect it in accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. According to the Law on Medical Documentation, medical data is kept for 10 years from the end of treatment, while according to the Law on Accounting, accounting data is kept for 11 years. For more information about where and how long User data is stored , please contact us at kontakt @ Analytical cookies of the domain are currently being stored on your device.

  1. How do we protect the User’s personal data?

We take the User’s personal data and their protection seriously and permanently apply appropriate organizational, physical and technical measures to protect all personal data we collect. In order to protect personal data, we have taken a number of measures:

  • Rulebook on protection and data processing of clients of the Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses
  • Risk and security assessment of IT equipment and servers where personal data is stored.
  • Use of secure and reliable servers for data storage.
  • Careful and responsible selection of Data Processors and signing of data protection agreements with all data processors.
  • Training of employees on the importance of confidentiality, maintaining security and privacy and dealing with the User’s personal data.
  • Appointment of an authorized person (Officer) for the protection and storage of personal data.
  • We will not deliver, sell or assign the User’s personal data to third parties, except for those listed in these Privacy Rules and those with whom we have a Personal Data Protection Agreement. We can exceptionally provide data to a third party if it is necessary to protect the vital interests of the User, legally required, necessary for the purpose of legal proceedings, expressly requested by the User or necessary to respond to his request.
  • We may keep personal data for which there is no longer a basis or consent for processing for the purposes of statistics or keeping the history of communication, but we will not process them in any way and we will protect them from any unauthorized access or use.
  • It is important to point out that, regardless of the personal data protection measures we take, no Internet site, electronic transmission, computer network or wireless connection is completely secure.
  1. What are the User’s rights regarding personal data?

The user can at any time without giving reasons request their rights regarding the personal data that is processed, except for the data that we collect with regard to the Health Care Act. These rights include:

  • The right to access personal data and the purposes of their processing
  • The right to amend personal data
  • The right to delete personal data
  • The right to limited processing of personal data and the right to change the purpose of processing
  • The right to send personal data
  • The right to withdraw consent for the processing of personal data
  • The user can exercise his rights related to personal data by sending a message to or by using the form .
  • We may keep personal data for which there is no longer a basis or consent for processing for the purposes of statistics or keeping the history of communication, but we will not process them in any way and we will protect them from any unauthorized access or use.
  1. Contact

If you have any questions about the processing or protection of personal data, please contact us at or at the address: Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses in Osijek, Association for Support of Victims and Witnesses, Ljudevita Gaja 12, 32000 Vukovar. In the event that you believe that we are not acting in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the GDPR regulation in relation to your data, and if you cannot resolve the same in cooperation with us, you can submit a complaint to the competent authority – Agency for the Protection of Personal Data , Martićeva Street 14, 10,000 Zagreb, on whose pages you can find additional information on how to contact us. Last change 05.01.2023.

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