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Crime as a form of traumatic experience

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On Thuesday, 26th of October, counselor working in National Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ivana Prović,  has held an online lecture as a part of an online series of lectures regarding gender-based violence that has been organised by the team behind the National Call Center. Lecture about crime as a form of traumatic experience was presented through Zoom and Facebook streaming platform.

During a lecture, the participants could gain useful insight into the theory regarding trauma, characteristics of reactions following traumatic experience, as well as specifics of traumatic experience for victims of crime. Main theme of the lecture was the comparison between general trauma and crime, with emphasis on gender-based violence (victims of rape and domestic violence). Moreover, factors that contribute to recovery after trauma have been covered, in particular, retraumatization during criminal procedure.

Lecturer has come to a conclusion that experiencing crime has elements of traumatic experience, which often isn’t recognized by others, as well as by the victim. That is why it’s important to emphasize the normality of reactions occuring after trauma. Knowledge about traumatic experience and following reactions is not only of great importance for the victim and her/his social environment, but also for experts that communicate with the victim.

At the end of the lecture, participants had a chance to ask questions or to share their experiences and comments in relation to tramatic experience.

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