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Gender- based online violence

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On Friday, 18th of March, counselor working in The national Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ivana Prović, gave an online lecture as a part of an online series of lectures regarding gender-based violence. Subject of the lecture was „Gender-based online violence“ and was presented through Zoom platform as well as the Facebook streaming platform. 72 people have participated in this lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, the team of National Call Center for Victims of Crime has been presented. This particular lecture was an extension of the lecture that was given before about another form of violence that also has less attention by experts and the public and was about Emotional abuse.

During a lecture, participants have been familiarized with the definitions of online abuse, as well as gender-based violence. Also, similarities and differences between these „modern“ forms of abuse and other traditional  forms have been presented. Some specific characteristic that ease the spreading of online violence have been pointed out. Also, most common forms of online violence have been explained with focus on those forms that are more agressive, such as cyberstalking and online sexual violence, and have also been linked to higher prevalence among young girls and women. Lecturer has also pointed out gender differences in the intensity of resulted consequences of online violence, especially when talking about women showing anxiety and concern about their own physical and psychological safety. At the end of the lecture, some guidelines are given about preventive measures that need to take place, as well as interventions, education, spreading of information and senzibilization for the problem of online violence.

           Participants have also had a chance to ask questions or share their own experinece and comments in relation to the subject of gender-based online abuse.

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