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Lecture ,,Same sex partnership violence”

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On Thursday, 14th of October 2021, counsellor on the National Call Centre for Victims of Crimes, Franjo Lovro Popović held an online lecture titled “Same Sex Partnership Violence” as a part of a series of lectures of the organisation. The lecture was held on ZOOM, live streamed on Facebook.

At the beginning of the lecture, the counsellor presented the work of National Call Centre and explained their motivation for holding a lecture on the topic of same sex violence connection it to October 11th, National coming out day.

The aim of the lecture was to raise awareness of both professional and general public, challenges of research and real-world manifestations of the phenomenon.

During the lecture, the participants were introduced to the history of the phenomenon and its research. Specific difficulties of the community and models which explain the root causes of violence. After that introductory part the prevalence of sexual violence around the world was presented, focusing primarily on the differences between sex and sexual orientation of people in the relationship. Special focus was put on similarities and the differences between gay and lesbian couples as well as them compared to heterosexual partners. Discussion was started on the topic of violence against bisexual people and why there is such a large discrepancy with other sexualities.

During the discussion after the lecture the participants had an opportunity to discuss, ask questions and share their experiences on the topic.

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