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Media coverage of victims of crime

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On Thursday, 1th of April, counselor working in National Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ena Juričić, held an online lecture as a part of an online series of lectures held by National Call Center’s team. Subject of the lecture was media coverage of victims of crime with an emphasis on reporting on victims of gender-based violence. The aim of the lecture was to present to the professional and general public the role of the media and ways of reporting on gender-based violence in the Republic of Croatia. Lecture was presented through Zoom platform as well as the Facebook streaming platform. A total of 64 participants participated in the lecture through both of these platforms.


At the beginning, the lecturer presented the National Call Center and her motivation for choosing the topic of the lecture, she pointed out the topicality of the topic itself. During the lecture, the role of the media in society and the influence of the media on the secondary victimization of victims were presented.

In addition to providing specific examples, lecturer presented ways of reporting on gender-based violence in the Republic of Croatia. Guidelines for media coverage of domestic violence, violence against women and femicide, and child victims of domestic violence were also presented. Examples of good practice are also presented – texts that respect the standards of journalism.

The lecture lasted 60 minutes, and at the end of the lecture the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences related to this topic.

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