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Sexual violence as a specific type of domestic violence

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On Tuesday, July 13th 2021 counsellor working in the National Call Centre for Victims of Crime, Franjo Lovro Popović gave an online lecture titled Sexual violence as a specific type of domestic violence, organised by the National Call Centre’s team as a part of a series of workshops and lectures. The lecture was held on ZOOM platform and simultaneously streamed on Facebook. All together there were 42 participants.

At the beginning of the lecture, the counsellor presented the work of National Call Centre and explained his motivation for holding a lecture on the topic of sexual violence. The aim of the lecture was to raise awareness of both professional and general public, challenges of research and real-world manifestations of the phenomenon.

During the lecture, the participants were introduced to the history of the phenomenon and it’s research , the definition of sexual violence, three main categories based on the severity of the crime and victim consequences. After that introductory part the prevalence of sexual violence around the world was presented as well as the methods for research, drawing conclusion that the numbers of cases reported are still very low. The final part of the lecture was in depth look at three forms of sexual violence in domestic setting- spousal rape, sexual violence of elderly and exploitation of children. For each of the forms of violence, the participants learned about the risk factors and legal framework.

At the very end of the lecture, participants were given an opportunity to ask questions or to share their experience on this topic.

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