Safe way out

On Thursday, 29th of April, counselor working in National Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ivana Prović, gave an online lecture as a part of an online series of lectures held by National Call Center’s team. Subject of the lecture was different specific characteristics related to providing emotional support on the phone in contrast to „face to face“ communication.  The aim of the lecture was to present the importance of nonverbal communicating system, as well as some usefull advice on how to make communication easier and more helpful, even when lacking nonverbal signs. Lecture was presented through Zoom platform as well as the Facebook streaming platform.

At the beginning, the lecturer presented the National Call Center with emphasis on emotional support.  Differences between verbal and nonverbal systems were presented, as well as the necessary link between the two. Focus was also on the paraverbal system, as the main form of communication when talking on the telephone.

In addition to that, main differences between face to face counseling and on the phone were presented. These differences could be an advantage or a challenge for a counselor, but for the caller as well. The lecturer shared experiences of volunteers, who commented on which differences are the most challenging for them.

At the end of the lecture the participants had the opportunity to ask questions related to telephone counseling.

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