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Violence against LGBT population in Croatian as an example of hate crimes

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On Tuesday, 13th of April 2021, councillor working in the National Call centre for Victims of Crime and misdemeanour, Franjo Lovro Popović gave an online lecture as a part of the series of lectures held by the National Call Centre’s team. The topic of the lecture was violence against LGBT population in Croatia as example of hate crimes, it was held on Zoom platform and streamed live over Facebook page of the organisation. In total, over both platforms, 62 people participated.

In the beginning of the lecture, the counselor introduced the National Call Centre and its work and explained the motivation for choosing the topic of the lecture. The aim was to raise awareness of professionals and the general public of the issues and widespread problems faced, as well as pointing at the lack of interest of the public to resolve the issue.

During the lecture participants learned about the history of hate crimes and the development of the terminology, legal framework in Croatia and the way crimes are defined as hate crimes. The statistics of reported crimes was shown and the low numbers were discussed. The participants were informed on the specificity of the hate crimes on LGBT population and about the research done in the country. At the very end, participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge on the topic as well as ask questions.

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