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Violence against persons with disabilities

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On Wednesday, 9th of June, counselor working in  National Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ena Juričić, gave an online lecture as a part of series of lectures organised by National Call Center’s team. The subject of the lecture was violence against persons with disabilities. The lecture was held on ZOOM platforme and streamed on Facebook. There were 41 participants who joined the lecture through ZOOM and Facebook.

At the begining of the lecture, the counselor presented the work of National Call Center and explained her motivation for holding a lecture on this topic. The aim of the lecture was to make the professional and general public aware of the existence of violence against persons with disabilities.

During the lecture, the partcipants were introduced to the definition of violence against persons with disabilities and the most common types of violence, with special emphasis on those types of violence that are specific to people with disabilities such as neglect and denial of transport, equipment and / or medicines. Also, the participants were asked about their thoughts on what violence against persons with disabilities is. The counsellor also presented the international and national legal framework. During the lecture, the reasons why people with disabilities rarely report violence were explained, and the lecturer presented in detail the obstacles and difficulties that people with disabilities face when they decide to report violence. At the end of the lecture, guidelines were given on how to act preventively and the need for additional education of experts and sensitization of the public was emphasized. At the very end of the lecture, participants were given an opportunity to ask questions or to share their experience on this topic.

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