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What to do if someone I care for is a victim of domestic abuse?

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On Thursday, 25th of March, counselor working in National Call Center for Victims of Crime, Ivana Andrijašević, gave an online lecture as a part of an online series of lectures held by National Call Center’s team. Subject of the lecture was „What to do if someone I care for is a victim of domestic abuse?“ and was presented through Zoom platform as well as the Facebook streaming platform, a total of 79 participants participated in the lecture through both of these platforms.

At the beginning, the lecturer presented the National Call Center and the motivation for holding a lecture aimed at informal social support.

The lecturer explained the reasons why in the lecture the informal support in the context of domestic violence is explored, emphasizing that the recommendations that will be discussed are certainly valid in providing support to victims of other crimes. The lecture was divided into three thematic units, in the first the lecturer presented the reasons why victims of domestic violence are particularly isolated, emphasizing that the social isolation of the victim is part of domestic violence and explaining the reason why. The second section was dedicated to research findings that indicate the great importance of social support in the recovery of victims of domestic violence. Through the findings of the research, the lecturer also described who can usually be found in the victim’s social network. The most of the time was devoted to the third part of the lecture, and the lecturer talked about how prepared informal support feels, comparing them with formal support. The lecturer then pointed out informal support as particularly vulnerable due to ignorance of domestic violence and high emotional engagement, stating which knowledge about domestic violence is useful and what emotional reactions can be expected. The end of the lecture was dedicated to recommendations on how to behave in communication with victims of domestic violence.

The lecture was 65 minutes long and after the lecture the lecturer answered several questions and invited all participants to the next lecture.

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